Bologna, a city rich in culture, art and history and perfectly located!

Bologna thanks to its strategic position has always played an important cultural and economic role in the Italian history. Nowadays, Bologna Centrale railway station is possibly the most important train hubs in Italy connecting Rome (2 hours), Florence (30 mins), Milan (45 mins) and Venice (85 mins).

551940_10151069716031674_629538224_nDo you know where the oldest University in Europe is located? The answer is easy, Bologna. Bologna has, infact, always played an important cultural role and today is hosting a very active education sectors both at formal and infomal level with wide range of cultural and non-profit organizations.

Bologna is the largest city (and the capitol) of Emilia-Romagna Region in Northern Italy. Bologna is home to prestigious cultural, economic and political institutions as well as one of the most impressive trade fair districts in Europe. In 2000 it was declared European capital of culture and in 2006, a UNESCO “city of music”. Bologna offers to its visitors incredible attractions and a stunning artistic heritage. The medieval old town is full of 16th century palaces, edifices and churches. Bologna is the city that has more arcades in the world: just over 40 km in the city center. It also host the longest arcade in the world: the one that leads to St. Luke with a marvellous panorama view. It is a labyrinth made of many different architectural solutions, and that creates original and fascinating views and perspectives. With these scenes even an amateur can do a wonderful album of photos collection!


Bologna is located in the center-north of Italy. It is the main junction for all the links in the Peninsula, from North to South, and also in an international level, thanks to its airport. The city offers funs for all needs: disco, pubs, restaurants, library and bookstores, but you can also find comfort in nature, as it is in one of the greenest regions of the country. So participants will enjoy tasteful and natural food, from the nearby farmers. Bologna is indeed renowned for its culinary tradition. It has given its name to the well-known Bolognese sauce, a meat based pasta sauce called in Italy ragù alla bolognese but in the city itself just ragù as in Tagliatelle al ragù. Situated in the fertile Po River Valley, the rich local cuisine depends heavily on meats and cheeses (like Parmesan or in italian Parmigiano).

This is why every year students and tourists from all over the world choose Bologna!

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