1. I filled the application form, but I don’t really understand the next STEP. What should I do now?

The 2nd STEP is to apply at your National Agency to get the grant covering all costs of the training. You need to apply for a grant to your National Agency before the deadline filling the application form and attaching all the needed documents. Each candidate application will be individually assess by the  National Agency.

Every National Agency has some specific rules about application process. You can find the website of your National Agency here.

If you cannot find all the information about the application process on their website, you should send e-mail/call them to ask about for clarifications.

Pay attention your National Agency will decide to give you the grant and we will choose the participants among the ones who were approved by their agency. So this is the most important step. Find tips and advices on how to fill the application form HERE.

Bear in mind that filling the application and collecting all the needed documents may take several days, we recommend you to start the application process as soon as possible.

2. What exaclty should I send to my National Agency?

It depends on specific requirements made by your National Agency. You should read it carefully, it is very important to deliver all documents needed. Generally you should first submit the form online and then send it an hard copy together with supporting documents.

3. My National Agency wants a proof that your organization accepted my candidature. How can I get it?

Within one week from filling our application form, you will receive a pre-registration PDF.

4. On the website of my National Agency I can’t find Grundtvig –> In-service training. Why?

It is possible that the name of this subaction has been translated into your language in a confusing way. Brochures in your language can be found here.

5. My National Agency apply some lower ceilings so the grant that I can get is lower than the amount written in database. What should I do?

Some National Agency apply some lower ceilings but we generally find a way to preserve the participant by paying him/herself. If you are in this situation do not worry and write an e-mail to us, we will find together a solution. As you can read in TIPS AND ADVICES to overcome this problem and get a grant that would be sufficient you can ask for the preparation grant.

6. To fill the application form I need your legal adress, full legal name and post code, where can I find them?

You can find these information in the European database in the page dedicated to each one of the trainings we are organizing. Find moreover all the information you may need for the application form:

Full legal name: YouNet
Type of organisation: Non profit / Non governmental organisation (NFP-NGO)
Legal address: Via de Carracci 69/6
Postal code: 40129
City: Bologna
Country: IT – ITALY
Telephone: +393284597057
Fax: +390510544845
Email: info@you-net.eu
Website: http://www.you-net.eu

7. In the section E1 of the application form, I should choose course’s topic but I cannot find this information

For each course, you should choose among several topics, according to your own profile.

For our courses about European projects management and design, you can select one of the followings:

– European project management (TOPIC-18)
– Strategies for funding adult education (TOPIC-55)
– European citizenship and European dimension (TOPIC-17)
– Management of adult education (TOPIC-33)
– Learning opportunities for people at risk of social marginalisation (TOPIC-30)
For our courses about Language and inclusion of migrants, you can select one of the followings:
– Pedagogy and didactics (TOPIC-36)
– Addressing target groups with special needs (TOPIC-2)
– Basic skills for adult learners (TOPIC-6)
– Active citizenship (TOPIC-1)

8. I have been accepted by my National Agency and I will get the grant. What should I do now?

Congratulations! Now send us an e-mail to inform us and wait for the infosheet and all information about training (which will be send few weeks before the training).

9. I have been rejected by my National Agency. Why? What can I do?

The rules of dividing grants are different in every participating country and depend on many factors. You can ask your National Agency for detailed information about reasons why you have been rejected. Maybe there was a formal problem and you can try applying for another session. Maybe your motivation was not properly explained. It is important not to loose energy and try applying for another training.

10. I have been rejected by my National Agency. Can I pay for the training from another source and take part?

Of course you can. Just send us information in advance and we will discuss the details.

11. I took part in another Grundtvig training 2 months ago. Can I apply again?

It depends on your National Agency policy, generally you have to wait 1 year before applying again.

If you had moved to another participating country and you live and work there, you can apply at their National Agency.

12. How many days of activities should I put in the application form for my National Agency?

Our courses last 7 days and 6 nights. In your application for the budget calculation you have to count 7 days . Depending on your National Agency regulation you may able to have 1 or 2 days of flexibility for the travel. In that case increase the number of days.

13. I am from country X, can I participate in your training?

Unluckily there are rules that only participants from countries which are in LLP Grundtvig and have the National Agency can take part in our trainings.

You can find the list of those countries under this link.

If you are citizen of a country that is not listed there, you can take part in training only by applying to another National Agency (f.ex. German). But in this case you have to live and work in this country (f.ex. Germany), and then also buy the ticket from and to this country (f.ex. Germany).

We wish you good luck!