The grant is given to the single participant by each national agency and NOT by YouNet. Each candidate has to apply to its to its national agency to get an individual grant. Find the contact of your National Agency here.

This agency can provide you a grant that covers all the cost (including travel and lodging).

We recommend you to contact your National agency for doubts and advices.

The procedure to apply is the following:

STEP1: Click HERE to submit our pre-registration form as soon as possible

STEP2:  Apply for a grant to your Lifelong Learning / Grundtvig National Agency before the deadline filling the application form and attaching all the needed documents. Each candidate application will be individually assess by the his/her National Agency.

ATTENTION: your National Agency will decide whether giving you the grant or not, so this is the most important step. Find tips and advices on how to fill the application form HERE.

ATTENTION 2: filling the application and collecting all the needed documents may take several days, we recommend you to start the application process as soon as possible.

STEP3: As soon as you apply to your National Agency, contact us to inform us

The application form to be filled and sent to your National Agency is available in its website. You can refer to it for further information. Look in the website for the Lifelong Learning Programme and specifically for the Grundtvig Programme and the action In Service Training.


a national of a country participating in the Lifelong Learning Programme

– a national of other countries enrolled in regular courses in schools, institutions of higher education or vocational training, or in adult learning organisations in a participating country, employed or living in a participating country (so also extra European living in EU countries legally), under the conditions fixed by each of the participating countries, taking into account the nature of the programme (please refer to relevant National Agency website.)

For more information, consult the LLP English guide.

ATTENTION: You can apply only for ONE training course per year.

The grant is given especially to persons at any stage in their career who are already working on a part-time or full-time basis in any part of the adult education sector (formal, non-formal or informal), including volunteer staff as well as those who are formally employed. This includes:

  • Teachers/trainers in adult education in the broadest sense (formal, non-formal and informal);
  • Those who want to improve their skills in projects writing and are interested to work in this field in the future; Members of NGO’s
  • Heads and managerial / administrative staff of organisations directly or indirectly involved in providing adult learning opportunities;
  • Those involved in intercultural adult education, or working with migrant groups, travellers, occupational travellers and ethnic communities;
  • Those working with adults with special learning needs;
  • Those such as mediators and street educators working with adults at risk;
  • Counsellors or career advisors;
  • Staff working in local or regional authorities dealing with adult education, including the inspectorate.
  • Persons involved in the training of adult education staff,
  • Persons who can demonstrate a clear intention of working in adult education but who are currently in some other labour market situations (work in another field, retirement, absence from professional life due to family responsibilities, unemployment etc.)
  • Persons who have completed a qualification leading to a career in adult education and intend to start a career in adult education.

REMEMBER! The most important thing is motivation, if you explain good in your application form for your National Agency WHY you want to participate and how you could benefit!