IN-SERVICE TRAINING is a sub-action of the Grundtvig programme.

The Grundtvig programme is created and funded by the European commission under the Lifelong Learning Programme. Thanks to several actions, the Lifelong Learning Programme provides to people from Europe, but also from all over the world, new experiences and skills.

The Grundtvig programme focuses on adult education, adult meaning any person over 18 and also early school leavers.

The In-Service Training courses provide new skills for adult education staff, NGO’s workers, trainers and people interested in this topics.

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To take part in one of our training course, please visit the page how to apply. To start you have to fill a pre-registration form. This is a non-official registration provided by Younet association. By this way we will reserve a place for you in our training course. Then, you need to apply to your National Agency to get a grant, covering all the cost (travel, accommodation, food, training fees).

The Italian applicants have to follow another way as they cannot apply directly to the Italian National Agency to take part in a course in Italy. If you are an Italian participant, please check the news on this website and on our FB page.

Consult the dedicated pages of this website to get detailed information.